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Hello and welcome to UB3 Hypnotherapy Center website.

My name is Roshan Puncheye and I’m a professional hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner serving clients throughout Mauritius, since 2010.

Hypnotherapy is very useful in challenges such as Weight-Loss Programs, Cure Phobias, End Addictions such as Smoking and Alcohol Abuse, Overcome Depression & Baby-Blues, Cure Insomnia, Enhance Motivation, Boost Self-Esteem, Public Speaking Difficulties, Memory Problems, Sexual Dysfunction, Anger Management, Business and life Coaching & Past Life Regression among others in the long list.

As a registered member of the American University of NLP, I can assure all clients of the highest standards of care and discretion.



ONE TO ONE SESSION OR THERAPY is my favorite as it allows us to work together to prepare a specific and personalized program so that we can plan for optimum result.

Usually the first session (duration of 90 to 120 minutes) is longer than the follow-up sessions (45 to 90 minutes). The first part of the sessions are dedicated to information gathering where the client is put at ease, clearing any doubt or misunderstanding in the mind of the client allowing us to establish a plan of work.

Immediately after, the client is explained about the stepwise procedures such as deep breathing techniques to help relaxation, physical and mental relaxations, suggestion works and about the waking-up part.

GROUP SESSION OR THERAPY can be organized on request where clients are comfortable among each other and have common goals such as Team Building in sport clubs or Colleagues (usually salespeople) striving to give their best performance in their work, or even siblings who wants to strengthen their bonds with each other.

Entrepreneurs often seek help to boost up their motivation to achieve more and get more success by increasing their energy level to launch themselves in new markets.

Close friends who want to achieve same targets, such as Collective Weight-loss programs, work even better as they as going to mutually support each other.

Reminder: All sessions are carried out in the preferred languages of the clients: English, French, Mauritian Creole and Hindi.


HYPNOTHERAPY CDs in Mauritian Creole, a first product of its kind in Mauritius.

These Audio CDs should only be used after receiving all the necessary instructions. Precautionary measures should be taken not to listen to them while driving or when using any machinery.

Easily Stop Smoking

Good news for heavy smokers who have tried each and every method to QUIT SMOKING… Now its high time to realise and give a last try, saving your MONEY and TIME, having your HEALTH back, becoming a ROLE MODEL for people around and having more TIME to spend with your family and live a healthier and longer life!

Shed your Excess Weight

Have you tried all types of diets, exercised till your whole body ached? Now you can lose weight easily with your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND helping you… Previously your Subconscious mind was SABOTAGING all your efforts but now it’s going to help you feel better, lose weight easily and maintaining your ideal weight by adopting a HEALTHIER lifestyle!

Overcome your Depression

Mood changes every day but if BAD MOOD or SADNESS persists, it may lead to serious health problems and eventually may lead to SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. Now you can overcome your dull mood and start living your life with much more POSITIVITY in your life! You can find your true worth and also rediscover how life is BEAUTIFUL around you!

Enhance your Motivation

You know you can achieve a lot in your life, you have so many plans that you know can do wonder…but you can’t take that IMPORTANT and DECISIVE step so as to reach your dreams and show your true POTENTIAL to the world! Now easily achieve all your TARGETS and build the world around you the way you always wanted!

Boost your Self- Esteem

Under-evaluating your abilities and qualities will only lead to a decreased PERFORMANCE in every field and great moments of your life so the best way to PERFORM WELL and feel GOOD about yourself is to REINFORCE your self-esteem and start living the life of your dreams, believing in yourself, discover your capabilities and your capacity!

Manage your Anger

DECISIONS taken and ACTIONS done during anger has been proven to be very often WRONG. Coping with your anger and finding means to release that energy and converting it into something POSITIVE is vital for your HAPPINESS. So, now you can easily learn to increase your happiness by LETTING GO of unimportant matters.

Fran Anton Mesmer

"Referred to be the father of hypnosis created a technique known as MESMERISM"


Nuraynah A

I was a very negative person before I came to know Hypnotherapy. Now I am a new person with a positive and peaceful mind. It has helped me to overcome my fears and doubts. I just want to say a big 'THANK YOU' for being so nice and attentive during my session and for bringing those wonderful changes in my life. Keep up the good work Mr Roshan!
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Jennifer A

Hello, after my Hypnotherapy sessions with Roshan, I was able to notice the changes that occurred in me, I feel less tensed and stressed and I am able to have control my anger easily. This is of tremendous help as previously I was unable to look after my kids properly. Thank you very much Roshan
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Shanil P.

Anger has been rooted in me since quite a long time. I used to get irritated for minor things. What I benefitted from Hypnotherapy in controlling and managing my emotions, I would not have obtained these from medicines or moral support. That one session wiz Mr Roshan has completely changed my life. Today I am much calmer and I do not react instantaneously to my impulses. Thanks you for that!
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Jimmy R

I am Jimmy, 37 yrs old; I’ve been a smoker since I was 15. I’m well educated and I know the effects of tobacco but still I could not stop smoking not to say how many times I tried, sometimes up to 3 months but again I restarted. But then I met Roshan on the web last year and an appointment was fixed. I was still wondering whether this guy really going to do what I could not do for myself in 22 years…and believe me guys, I am a non-smoker since the 4th September 2013…a gift to my family, friends and colleagues. I’m proud of myself but thanks to Roshan whom now I consider as a brother!
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Javed A.

I came to know Hypnotherapy just the right moment where I wanted to stop smoking. On my first session itself, I was already transformed and took a whole new direction in my lifestyle. I am now conscious of all the diseases associated with smoking. I feel better and healthier. Thank you Roshan.
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